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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures & Boys & Girls Club

  • The regular school day begins at 8:45 am and ends at 2:58 pm.

  • Students may enter the building beginning at 8:30 am and go directly to their classrooms (unless they eat breakfast at school).
  • Dismissal begins at 2:50 pm with Boys & Girls Club students and true walker students (students who physically walk home). At 2:58 PM students who ride a bus are dismissed. All students will walk around the bus circle to their bus.
  • Typically, our buses leave school grounds by 3:05 pm, however, the first couple weeks of school and other changes to routes throughout the year affect this schedule. Please expect your child’s bus to arrive within a window of time as opposed to a set time each day. That being said, all kindergarten students must have an adult over 18 at the bus stop for both AM and PM bus stops even if there is an older sibling present. Kindergarteners who do not have an adult to pick them up from the bus stop in the afternoon will be returned to the school and the office will contact emergency contacts in the priority listed on the student’s Emergency Contact Sheet (typically filled out at registration).
  • Students who are picked up from school or walk home from school are dismissed immediately following the departure of buses. Walkers and pick up students will wait in front of the building with a staff member assigned to their grade level. The staff member will escort the students to their pick up vehicle to be dismissed. *For the first few weeks, please expect that staff will ask for valid ID until they become familiar with families.
  • In the event that a parent/guardian contacts the school to inform us that a non-emergency contact adult is picking up their child, parents/guardians should inform that individual that they must show a valid photo ID upon pick up in order for us to dismiss the child to them.
  • We encourage pick up adults to remain in their vehicles and use the drop-off/pick-up zone to pick up their student(s)Vehicles must remain in line at all times. Please wait until the vehicle in front of you moves forward to move up in line.
  •  Boys & Girls Club is a daycare organization that rents space from Riccardi School in the afternoons. Those students who attend Boys & Girls Club are dismissed at the same time as pick up students, 2:50 pm, and report to the cafeteria at that time. Students who attend Boys & Girls club are considered “walker/pick up” students. A district daycare form must be on file and any changes to their PM dismissal plan must be communicated to the main office by a parent/guardian, ideally by that morning.